Reinhart Swimming Pool

About This Project

I always wanted to look out my kitchen window and see a sparkling blue pool. My husband tried to manage our pool for many years and was unsuccessful.  I decided after 12 years that I wanted to hire someone to bring my pool up to my expectation and maintain it.  I wanted an individual who ran his or her own company as I believed that their commitment to providing excellent service would be more important to a person who managed their own business.  I found Clay though the local phone book.  He met me at my home and assessed the needs of my pool.  At the time, my pool was an absolute mess.  We had been dumping liquid Chlorine into the pool for quite some time as well as using various shock treatments etc…  After talking with Clay for quite some time and surmising the needs of my pool, I understood Clay to be more of a pool engineer as he knew all about how chemicals interacted with one another.  He brought my pool up from the “depths of hell” to the sparking beautiful pool I have always wanted.  When things go wrong, I can always call him and he will be there to fix the problem.  Maybe he is the ” Pool Whisperer”!